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In an ideal world, your business would be everywhere you are and you would have instant access to any information. No matter how large your organization or how diverse your workforce, one thing is clear: the world of business is changing. Customers are more demanding. Deadlines are tighter. Expectations are greater. And if you don't find new ways to stay competitive, you might be left behind.

The INET Creation team understands the challenges faced by Enterprises in many industries.  Serving the needs of companies in the Insurance, Finance, Pharmaceutical, Retail, Industrial, and Governmental sectors, the INET Creation team has the capability to meet your enterprise solutions and technology needs.

Situational awareness is key to making better, faster decisions.  Dashboards, portals, mashups and knowledge bases are common solutions being proposed to solve these needs. A pragmatic approach that begins with completely understanding your needs, your industry and what differentiates your offering set the INET Creation approach apart from others. 

New and emerging technology in communication and collaboration are changing way we do business.  Organizations who embrace these solutions will likely capture leadership stature in their respective industry.  The INET Creation team can help you achieve this goal by leveraging their first-hand industry experience with proven technology from established partnerships. 

It's not surprising then that the INET Creation solutions are leading change in so many industries.  Contact us to discuss your needs and contrast the INET Creation solutions against previous providers to see why our approach is the perfect solution. 

Areas of focus include:

Strategy Engineering

  • IT Strategy Assessment
  • Technology Architecture Assessment
  • Business Process Assessment & Re-engineering

Information Access Services

  • Portal Development
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Warehousing
  • Collaboration
  • Messaging and Email

Application Development & Integration

  • Packaged Application Implementation
  • Custom Application Development
  • Packaged & Custom Application Integration

Infrastructure Services

  • Networking
  • Server & Storage Implementation
  • Disaster Planning and Risk Analysis
  • Security

Project Resource Assistance

Supplemental resources to assist in project and departmental needs


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